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Fibre Cement Slate Tiles are ideal for a range of residential and commercial roofing projects, and even walls!

Expertly fitted fibre cement tile roofing by professional tradesmen.

Fibre cement slate tiles are designed for vertical applications and creates a stunning finish. We offer a wide choice of fibre cement tiles from a number of manufacturers at a competitive price.

Fibre cement slate tiles – a great alternative to natural slate

Man-made slate lacks the longevity and appeal of natural slate roofs. However, they are an affordable alternative and and available in a wide range of textures and finishes. They are manufactured to consistent sizes, shapes, textures and colours which results in a clean, aesthetically pleasing finish popular with architects and property developers.

Consistency also means they can be laid single bond and still provide watertight protection (unlike natural slates, which are typically laid in a double-lapping bond) and, coupled with the convenience of pre-drilled holes, makes installation far easier — saving time and money.

Concrete slates and slates manufactured from reconstituted slate dust are both viable options.

Clay-based slates are another option and offer good resilience to the elements.

Fibre-cement slates are made from cement, organic fibres and mineral additives and they are ideal for:

Complex tiled roof profiles and steep pitched tiled roofs
Pitched tiled roofs where a lightweight roof tile is required.
Weathering may expose the base colour of both concrete and fibre-cement slates over time.

Fibre Cement Slate Tiles
Fibre Cement Slate Tiles

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