GRP 25 Year Guarantee

We guarantee all GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic) Fibreglass roofs
for a minimum 25 years.

Why choose Blackpool Industrial Roofing to install
or repair your flat roof with GRP Fibreglass?

With Blackpool Industrial Roofing GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic) flat roof you get more for your money and can be assured of quality, value and service!


If your flat roof requires it, we’ll install extra insulation for greater energy efficiency and lower fuel bills.


GRP flat roofing and Roofline products are virtually maintenance free so you can keep your possessions dry without any fuss.


GRP flat roofing is laid as one continuous surface so there are no weak points where water can get in.


Our flat roofs come with a comprehensive 25 year insurance backed guarantee.

Fibreseal. Fibreseal GRP Flat roofs guaranteed for 25 years by Blackpool Industrial Roofing. Residential & industrial flat roofing.

GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic) Fibreseal flat roofs installed by Blackpool Industrial Roofing are suitable for all types of flat roofs and flat roofed buildings including garage roofs, flat roofed extensions, flat roofed out buildings, industrial buildings, schools, hospitals, multi-storey flat roofed buildings, apartment blocks etc

Professionally installed GRP flat roofs are strong, durable and completely watertight. Our advanced Glass-Reinforced Plastic (GRP) flat roofs will keep your possessions warm and dry with no leaks and no need for maintenance.

fibreseal What difference will a new GRP Fibreseal flat roof make?

With most flat roofs, repairing ripped felt and dealing with leaks is inevitable. Traditional flat roofs just aren’t designed to last, but superior Blackpool Flat Roofing flat roofs are guaranteed to last a lifetime.

We use Glass-Reinforced Plastic (GRP) as flat roofing material to create a surface that won’t rip or leak. And since GRP is laid as a continuous sheet in our flat roof construction, there are no seams or welds in our flat roofs for water to seep through. Plus, Blackpool Flat Roofing flat roofs are virtually maintenance free, so you won’t need to spend time or money on repairs or upkeep.

fibreseal GRP Fibreglass flat roof solutions

Perfectly watertight, attractive and with a 25 Year Guarantee, Blackpool Industrial Roofing GRP fibreglass flat roofs will keep your possessions safe and dry.

Fibreseal GRP Fibreseal flat roofs finished to match your home

We offer flat roofs in styles to suit your home with a range of colours and shades. And you can choose from our standard smooth finish, slate chippings or a non-slip finish ideal for balconies or areas that are walked on.

Our Roofline fascias, gutters, downpipes, soffits, bargeboards and cladding also come in a range of colours to suit your home.

Why not ask one of our home improvement specialists to come and show you how our flat roof system might improve your home?

Fibreseal GRP Fibreseal flat roofs save energy and money

If your extension requires it, we’ll add extra insulation when we install your flat roof. Additional insulation in flat roofs can prevent heat loss, giving you lower fuel bills and improved energy efficiency.

Further information about GRP fibreglass flat roofing

Fibreglass flat roofs have been used in the UK for over 30 years in small numbers, but over the past 10 years interest in GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic) fibreglass roofs has increased among residential home owners with flat roofed garages and extensions and businesses with industrial flat roofs. The popularity of GRP fibreseal or fibreglass roofing in has grown, due to the improvement in installation practices, and the use of specialised GRP roofing resins. Now with improves GRP roof resins, factory made trims and improved installation knowledge this truly jointless flat roof solution is a proven alternative to felt roofing and other older forms of flat roofs.

Most fibreseal or fibreglass roof installers guarantee their GRP flat roof installations for up to 25 years. GRP fibreglass flat roofs do not require any maintenance or repairs and there shoul be no problems if correctly installed by qualified GRP Fibreglass roof installers such as Blackpool Industrial Roofing Ltd.

GRP fibreseal fibreglass flat roof installation by Blackpool IndustrialRoofing Ltd.  Cost

Depending on specification this can cost slightly more than a EPDM rubber roof, upwards. There are many options available depending on the final finish and laminate thickness.

GRP fibreseal fibreglass flat roof installation by Blackpool IndustrialRoofing Ltd.  Suitability

Good for green roofs, lightweight, pretty to look at, available in any colour, strong, truly jointless, and will work with all sorts of complicated shapes. Does not in my opinion suit very large roof areas that may be flimsy or suffer excess expansion and contraction. No hot flame required.

GRP fibreseal fibreglass flat roof installation by Blackpool IndustrialRoofing Ltd.  Damage resistance

Withstands frequent footfall, but can be slippy when new without the optional anti slip coating. Practically impervious to all forms of abuse including knife cuts and vandalism.

GRP fibreseal fibreglass flat roof installation by Blackpool IndustrialRoofing Ltd.  Repairability

Repairs can be from a small patch to a layer bonded directly on the top, and almost invisible.

GRP fibreseal fibreglass flat roof installation by Blackpool IndustrialRoofing Ltd.  Appearance

Simply cannot be beaten for looks, all colours available for the final finish, can be cleaned with soap and water.

GRP fibreseal fibreglass flat roof installation by Blackpool IndustrialRoofing Ltd.  Installation issues

The weather has to be totally dry to lay a good fibreglass roof. A quote a lot cheaper than other competitors may indicate a drop in install quality, materials or thickness.

You can be assured of a competitive quote from Blackpool Industrial Roofing!

We source our materials directly to keep prices low and our experienced team will ensure your roof is installed or repaired quickly, efficiently and within budget.

Residential roof repairsand roofing services. Blackpool Industrial Roofing are proud to be Which Trusted Traders. Choose us for your roof repairs.

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