Are you looking to grow your business? Are you interested in learning new roofing skills? If the answer is yes to both, then why not consider training to become a heritage roofing specialist and taking on conservation projects in your locality? Not only would it be a great way to source new customers, you could also apply to join the exclusive National Heritage Roofing Contractors Register.

Used by the four national Heritage Agencies, The National Heritage Roofing Contractors Register is designed to ensure that the roofs on some of our most precious buildings in the UK are restored to the highest standards possible. It provides an exclusive listing of only those contractors that have the vital skills and experience necessary for the repair and renovation of heritage projects. Popular with architects and specifiers alike, it’s widely seen as a ‘guarantee of confidence’ in specialist roofing knowledge and expertise.

To qualify, you have to fall into one of three categories:

- Heritage Roof Masters who provide both technical design and quality workmanship.

- Heritage Craft Roofers who assure quality workmanship at all times.

- Heritage Craft Roofer Operatives carry out the work as specified. 

The influence that the Register carries is best highlighted by Jordan Heritage Roofing Ltd. Based in Derbyshire, they were appointed to work on a key heritage project in Wales, and as  a result of their outstanding work, they went on to scoop the 2015 UK Roofing Award for Heritage Roofing. 

Speaking about the Register, Richard Jordan of Jordan Heritage Roofing Ltd, said: “The Heritage Roofing Register gives local companies with the relevant expertise and training the chance to grow their business and expand their work on key heritage projects. It provides a professional platform that offers high visibility to architects, specifiers and local authority conservation officers.”

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