Social Media Saavy 

There’s no escaping social media, it’s like a snowball rolling down the hill and picking up speed. If you’re not social media savvy today, you are missing out. Not only can you spread the word about your roofing business, it’s a great way to keep up with industry news and even engage with your customers. Social media has established itself to be the alternative word-of-mouth.

Whether it’s for products or services, shopping online is the now the norm. Customers like to engage via social media and roofing is no exception. If you’re new to social media or want to learn more, here’s our top ten tips for boosting your business.

  1. Consider setting up social media profiles across major platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram and even LinkedIn. Not sure what will work best for you? Then why not ​try them out with personal accounts, before progressing to setting up company accounts.
  2. Be sure to let all your customers know that you can be found on social media platforms. Add links to your business cards, brochures, website and email signature.
  3. Post valuable content such as relevant updates, tips, ideas, techniques, news and special promotions on a daily basis. Can’t think what to post? Retweet interesting content from accounts you follow or alternatively, an image speaks a thousand words.
  4. Showcase your work with images of completed projects, but think before you post! You may need to seek permission from the building owner before taking or using images for your own publicity. It’s also vitally important to ensure that any images of workers are shown wearing all appropriate PPE, and that they look professional.
  5. Be consistent: One post, one video or one tweet won’t save your business, no matter how clever it is. Success comes from consistency. 
  6. Engage with customers. Stay on top of your social media profiles and engage with your fans/followers when they reply to your messages or post on your profiles.
  7. Personalise your social media marketing with direct message to your audience, including well wishes, holiday greetings, notes of appreciation for their continued interest and support, and related themes.
  8. Word of mouth recommendations and testimonials account for a significant portion of the new clients that turn to your business. Encourage customers to endorse you online – word will soon spread! Have a contingency or a plan in place should you receive any negative feedback or complaints. Think before you react.
  9. Drive traffic to your website. By including links in your posts, you can direct customers and prospects to specific pages on your website where they can obtain further valuable information.
  10. Be sure to follow and engage with the media and industry bodies like NFRC. Not only can you keep ahead of news and developments, you can engage and endorse each other.

Above all, be social and stay social! Social media marketing is an effective and engaging way to remain connected with existing clients, while simultaneously pulling in new clients. Don’t get left out – join the conversation and boost your business.

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