Sandtoft launches its new Multiversal ridge & hip system

Sandtoft Roof Tiles has launched a new universal ridge and hip system designed to fit all tile profiles and almost all ridge profiles regardless of manufacturer.

Unlike similar products on the market, the innovative ‘Multiversal Ridge and Hip System’ uses a rigid ridge union. This ridge-to-ridge seal makes it much easier and faster to install than the more common flexible alternative.

The ventilated system is based on the sectional shape of all commonly known UK ridge profiles, so it can fit most concrete and clay ridge tiles and hips. The system is ideal for merchants as it is supplied in a single box containing the ridge unions, ridge/hip roll, batten fixing brackets and fixing plates with screws. Hip trays and top and tail clips are sold separately.

Andrew Lawton, sales director at Sandtoft said: “As highlighted by the NHBC, the cost of returning to a job to repair failing mortar bedding is much higher than the cost of installing the ridges and hips in the first place, so dry fix systems are the obvious way forward.

“The launch of the Multiversal ridge and hip system completes our range of universal systems and means that we now offer a complete range of dry fix solutions, which are not only more reliable than the mortar alternative but are often more cost effective to install.

“Sandtoft is committed to innovation in roofing and the development of products that benefit contractors and homeowners alike. The flexibility and durability of the Multiversal system aims to minimise roof maintenance and help realise financial savings in the long term.”