A vital part of the NFRC is the National Heritage Roofing Register where dedicated roofing companies endorsed by English Heritage, Cadw Welsh Historic Monuments, the Environment and Heritage Service for Northern Ireland, Historic Scotland, the National Heritage Training Group and CITB, undertake work on roof coverings utilising traditional materials and workmanship which have a historic value.

To gain the required qualifications and to understand the principals of roof conservation in the specific techniques of the nominated Heritage roof type individuals must achieve a Level 3 in Heritage roofing.

To this end and to help facilitate heritage roof training as well as to promote this sector of the market, the NFRC Heritage Technical Committee has formulated a list of trainers, training centres and affiliated companies that can provide or facilitate Level 3 Heritage Roof Training These have been split into three different categories, these being: 

  1. Registered Level 3 Heritage roof Trainers with their own Training Centre
  2. Registered Level 3 Heritage Roof Trainers affiliated to a Training Centre
  3. Registered Level 3 Heritage Roof Trainers:

Therefore, if you require any training or assessment in Roof Heritage or Conservation or would like any further information please do not hesitate to get in touch with the NFRC Helpdesk on 020 7638 7663 or directly with one of the below providers:

  1. Registered Level 3 Heritage Roof Trainers with their own Training Centre:


Andy Rowlands 

Rowlands Roof Training
Unit 4A,
Bridge Business Centre,
Burcott Rd,

01432 269704


  1. Registered Level 3 Heritage Roof Trainers Affiliated to a Training Centre:


Yusof Abdullah

C/O South Coast Training Limited
Unit 18 
Arndale Road
Lineside Industrial Estate
West Sussex
BN17 7HD

0845 6780065


  1. Registered Level 3 Heritage Roof Trainers

Alex Carmichael

39 E​ton Avenue
PA23 8DG