No sooner has the Rio Olympic games come to an end and gold medals are back on our minds. Only this time, it’s not swimming or track & field events – it’s roofing. And, it’s not Rio – it’s Poland.

Yes, the bi-annual World Championship for Young Roofers is once again upon us. Part of the International Federation for the Roofing Trade (IFD), the Championship finals are set to take place in Warsaw and will run from 25-28th October 2016.

A total of 23 two-man teams from 12 countries will be vigorously competing for the coveted title of World Champion across three different roofing disciplines; pitched, waterproofing and metal. This year, Great Britain will be looking for podium finishes in two categories – pitched and flat roofing/waterproofing.


Flying the flag for Team GB for pitched roofing are Connor Martin of Fineline Roofing Ltd (Devon) and Donal Harkin of D Harkin & Co Limited (Northern Ireland). Meanwhile, Jordan Lane of Lane Roofing Ltd (Birmingham) and Ben Revitt of Briggs Amasco (Shropshire) will be looking to take home medals in flat roofing.


Thanks to their sheer hard work and past success at Skillbuild, these four individuals have reached one of the highest points of their careers as the Championship presents an opportunity to showcase their roofing skills on the world stage. Championed by mentors Bob Coutts and Gary Walpole, we are confident that they will do themselves and their country proud.   

In addition to the individual categories, both teams will also compete for the prestigious President’s prize – a voluntary task comprised of the three disciplines. To succeed in both competitions, the teams will be required to demonstrate their expertise and skills across pitched roofing and waterproofing. A tall order indeed!

At the last count, GB currently ranks fourth in the World Championship medals table, so let’s hope that this year we can replicate our success at Rio (yes, we even surpassed China in the medals table!) and put this country’s exemplary roofing skills firmly on the map.  

However, our young roofers need as much moral support and encouragement as possible, so please don’t hesitate to get behind #IFDTeamGB and send your messages of support via NFRC’s Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. For those of you looking to attend, information can be found at www.ifd-roof.com.

We would like to take this opportunity to wish both teams the very best of British luck. Whatever the outcome, they are all winners.